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And if you think your problems are bad now, just wait! Don’t be manipulated into taking responsibility for his irresponsible actions. If she racks up credit card debt, don’t bail her out.

If you keep rescuing her from the consequences of her actions, she will have zero incentive to change.

If you truly love him and are willing to stand by him until he gets better than I commend you.

But it will be a hard road for him to get better, you just can't cure someone overnight.

Also, people shy away from the term because of its unflattering name: Borderline personalities run the gamut from mild to severe.

It’s generally only the people who know borderlines intimately who are aware of the extent of their emotional difficulties.

Some sociologists believe that we are living in a “borderline culture,” heavy on righteous anger, light on acknowledging another’s perspectives.

Watch daytime talk shows and you’ll understand what they mean.

However it does require a really strong support system.

Consider investing in a few therapy sessions for yourself.

You’re not the one with the problem, but borderline personality disorder affects the whole family.

Or better yet, listen to the rhetoric of Congress and watch them in action (or should I say inaction).

If you recognize your own borderline characteristics, what should you do?

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I'm wondering if you have seen a change in them through therapy? I can't offer any experience with the two disorders you're talking about but I do wish you a boatload of luck, if you choose to proceed with someone with two disorders. I had post traumatic stress disorder and dissociative amnesia, and I am also much better now. If you consider the drama you've experienced already, are you prepared for episodes of this, regardless of treatment?

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