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She was shy and quiet, but saw the world differently than her peers, and the Henry County school system was less than forgiving.She dropped out after freshman year, did home-schooling for half of her sophomore year, then decided to get her GED.She has emerged from every dark, lonesome corner of this experience to write music, create art, bury a demon or two and find a new depth of love in the people around her.When confronted with the unthinkable, she has moved through the world with a balance of ferocity and grace that feels almost ancient — outside of time. To learn the source of her mettle, it’s important to understand her story.

They were later acquitted, but Jessi says it was traumatic. “I asked, but I don’t care what my high school friends were doing, because I’ve compartmentalized that, and I’ve put it in a box.” “She just like…told me all of this intimate gossip. Sorry people who have no idea what this is about,” Dodie tweeted in response to fans. “I hung out with a friend from high school, who I haven’t seen in a while.” He asked her what his old high school friends were up to.Growing up, they lived in small towns across Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky.David and Kathy split in 1994 and divorced two years later.

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