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CEO and founder Noel Biderman says expectations around the holiday drive membership: “Mistress Day is all about avoidance.People sign up to avoid the stress they know they will have to face with their spouse the following day.” He continues, “The day after Valentine’s Day is one of our biggest days of the year.They found that men who had a variant of the chemical vassopressin (which is dominant in voles) have a tendency to have problems of fidelity and in relationships in general.Further research from the Binghamton University, State University of New York also did a study and found that people who had a variation of the chemical DRD4 had a tendency to engage in activities of infidelity.

According to the site: in signups on Valentine’s Day itself.Some people who have sex addictions allow themselves to do very unhealthy things for themselves and relationships, and there are recovery facilities for those who suffer.An experiment was recently done by entitled “To Catch a Cheater.” They set up a number of fake profiles on dating sites and created them with a certain level of fidelity.This pointed to the fact that some men merely want just sex, rather than a relationship.That’s why the men in the study sought out these “taken” women.

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